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                      After many years of experience and profound knowledge in the micromechanic field,

                      Britaltec offers own collaboration for to realize small mechanic parts,

                      which have to guarantee: Hardness, precision, endurance, thermal stability,

                      corrosion resistance, high temperature suitability and electrical insulation.


                      For this purpose we use special material:

                      Synthetic Sapphire, Synthetic Ruby, Agate, Ceramic, Zircon Oxide and Hard Metal.


                      These special mechanic parts are used in many fields of the industry.

                      The most important are:            

                      Water meters, electrical meters, measuring instruments, valves, injectors,

                      watches, electronic, automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical and texile.


                      Their processing is executed by means of Diamond Abrasives in ceramic binder and

                      diamond abrasive tools, as:

                      Grinding wheels, micro grinding wheels, diamond micro drills (broaches).

                      Each type with a wide range of diamond grain size and dimensions.


                      For information and demands we invite you to contact us and to visit our website:

www britaltec.it